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Fun FACT: Did you know?

The lungs do not actively expand and recoil themselves.  Your diaphragm and the elevation and depression of your rib cage act upon the lungs in order to create the movement of air. Not only that, when you breathing heavy here at ADAPT the action of your diaphragm and chest cavity alone is not enough, you must contract your abdominals to provide the necessary respiratory response.

So, when you are here at ADAPT do not forget to take deep breaths and squeeze your abs!



  • Youth Summer SPEED CAMP

    Youth Summer SPEED CAMP

    Why Speed Matters? Our Youth Development Program was created for athletes who are looking to excel in their sport and who desire to increase their competitive edge on the field/court. This camp was created to develop better and faster athletes while engaging each of them to reach their full potential.

  • Yoga


    As part of your fitness, we provide you with more than just lifting weights and moving quickly. Improve these aspects of your fitness with body awareness, movement prep, and mobility. Yoga is available twice a month. Next Yoga Session: May 28st, 10am