Group Fitness & Personal Training

ADAPT stands for Athletic Development & Performance Training.  Located in N. Miami, ADAPT is a 10,000 sq. ft. fitness complex. We are dedicated to sports, nutrition, cardio, strength, group and personal athletic training. Our group fitness classes are for everyone: customizable, scalable, and adaptable to each individual’s skill and ability level. We keep our classes small and offer personal training sessions to ensure athletes maintain correct technique, form, and movement during their workouts. Our coaches provide individuals with the tools necessary to reach high levels of skill and coordination as well as strength, speed, power, and endurance.

ADAPT provides something for everyone; youth, athletes, and business professionals. Our group fitness area is fully equip with rowers, assault bikes, kettle bells, wall balls, slam balls, gymnastics rings, pull-up bars, barbells, dumbbells, and more! These are just some of the tools we use in all of our strength and conditioning programs; Athlete, Developmental, Hyspyn, Youth Development, Group Fitness, and CrossFit. ADAPT also has a sport performance area, all-inclusive weight room, shake bar and is currently building out an upstairs studio space for yoga, and more! Our modern facility and innovative programming combined with our personalized commitment to each athlete creates a positive ADAPT – ation in every life we touch. Come see what we’re all about. Get started today!



  • Hello ADAPT Family!

    Hello ADAPT Family!

    We are excited to announce 3 of our phases are complete CrossFit/ group fitness, sport performance, and weight room sections. There are more phases to come!  We've had many pass by to show support and help out.  We are truly humbled and we thank you for your support.  We are taking all the necessary steps to making this gym the best experience for everyone.  Come by and take a glance at the new gym in town.  Sign-ups are in full effect now. *For information about paperless sign-ups email us at:


    Returning soon by popular demand is our HYSPYN hybrid endurance class. If you want to expand your respiratory  tank then this class is for you. Keep a close eye out to make reservations. (class limit)


    Are you ready to a fitness and nutrition program geared towards improving your overall health and performance? Check the wide-range of programs we offer and filter our class schedule to find what works best for you!