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Fun FACT: Did you know?

The lungs do not actively expand and recoil themselves.  Your diaphragm and the elevation and depression of your rib cage act upon the lungs in order to create the movement of air. Not only that, when you breathing heavy here at ADAPT the action of your diaphragm and chest cavity alone is not enough, you must contract your abdominals to provide the necessary respiratory response.

So, when you are here at ADAPT do not forget to take deep breaths and squeeze your abs!



  • Back-To-School Special…Don’t Miss it!

    Back-To-School Special…Don’t Miss it!

    The Fall 2017 school season is almost here. What better way to make sure you have all your needs met and increase your ability to perform in the classroom. Click the"Get Started" link above to lock in the special prices! *new members only
  • August Yoga Dates & Times

    August Yoga Dates & Times

    August 6th and August 20th @ 10am. Don't miss out on yoga this August. We look forward to having you develop your mobility and strength.
  • Keep an eye out in your Emails

    Keep an eye out in your Emails

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