Knee pain? We can help you fix it!

Knee pain? We can help you fix it!

Are you suffering from knee pain? We can help you get rid of it!

Knee pain is common in both active and non-active people. It is a consequence of all the stressors your joints are subject to as you age. These are just three ways that can help you get some relief:

1. Weight Management: carrying around extra pounds will increase the weight-bearing pressure on your knees, causing   inflammation. There are three things you can do to drop weight by loosing fat: eat real food and avoid processed foods; eat enough to satisfy and fuel your body; increase your muscle mass.

2. Modify your exercise routine: there are many ways to stay active while placing less stress on your knees. You might want to row instead of run, or do step-ups instead of box jumps.

3. Retrain your gait and build your core: certain habits, like walking while you carry a baby on your side, sitting for too long, or having bad posture due to a weak core, may also be stressing your knees. As a member of ADAPT, our dynamic warm ups are tailored to correct and retrain your movement patterns.


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“Quality Over Everything”

In our first official blog post I found it fitting to discuss the groundwork in which we make every decision at ADAPT, as well as, how we plan to move forward with this blog. The slogan “Quality over everything” defines who we are as a people, coaches, a business, and community. From the facility, coaches, programming, community, etc.. nothing is done without this being part of the thought process.


A driving force in starting this blog is to reach out to the community and provide people with QUALITY information regarding coaching, training, and motivation! Throughout our coaching careers we have noticed many people and businesses focus on the almighty $. While of course this is important, we are fueled by more than just money. Our PASSION is our biggest driving force. It is what has lead us to where we are today. Coach Scoobs and myself have been working together for the past 8 years in some form or another. There isn’t a day that goes by in which we do not try to increase our knowledge to help build this community in anyway possible. Please stay tuned for upcoming posts!


Scott Grondin

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July Yoga Dates

Please make sure to set the date in your calendar. Part of reaching your goals is writing it down and having a plan. Get you yoga practice set in stone!

Two Sundays this month @10am

July 9th

July 23rd