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Back-To-School Special…Don’t Miss it!

The Fall 2017 school season is almost here. What better way to make sure you have all your needs met and increase your ability to perform in the classroom. Click the”Get Started” link above to lock in the special prices!

*new members only

August Yoga Dates & Times

August 6th and August 20th @ 10am. Don’t miss out on yoga this August. We look forward to having you develop your mobility and strength.

Dunk Tank

Weather to lose inches or make gains we all need a BASELINE. A point of reference is crucial for anyone that is starting any fitness or nutrition program. We will be hosting a hydrostatic (underwater) body composition reading Sunday, October 4th. To secure your time in the tank please email us at or schedule your time with one of our coaches.

Strength & Conditioning


We are runnning free bootcamp classes to the community while we are in our final phase of permitting.  We want to prime you all up so we can make it an easy transition.

Classes will be held on Tuesdays & Thursdays @6pm, and Saturday @9am.  All ages and fitness levels are welcome so bring everyone you know!


Ed Burke Recreation Center
11400 Northeast 9th Ct.
Biscayne Park, Fl 33161

Youth Development Program (YDP)

The Youth Development Program is designed specifically for the development of proper movement patterns from the ages of 8-12 and 13-17. It is focused on building overall power, speed and athleticism.  Proper guidance and training during these years can drastically increase an athlete’s potential as well as serve as a great injury prevention tool. Young athletes who are taught proper movement patterns at a young age will always fall back to these patterns due to familiarity and muscle memory.  This will allow the athlete a longer and healthier career.

Contact us for more information or to Get Started!