All ability levels are welcome

TRAIN ADAPT group-coaching fitness programs are designed with the flexibility to meet each individual client’s vast range of personal goals and ability levels.

Group Fitness Class

ADAPT fitness programs are designed to improve our member’s health and performance utilizing a method that is most effective towards their needs and desires. The group-coaching program is designed with the flexibility to meet each individual client’s vast range of personal goals and ability levels. Such flexibility is achieved by allowing members to choose from these different paths in order to tailor each workout to the clients needs. Fitness programs include:

Group Fitness

Group Fitness Classes

These workouts are designed to promote and enhance your health and fitness. During a “Fitness” workout, participants are exposed to a wide variety of movements with a focus on proper mechanics and movement patterns. The “Fitness” workouts are great from beginners to veterans since they focus on movement quality prior to intensity. These workouts may also be scaled-up to suit each individual need, transforming each workout of the day into one of less or more intensity. Group Fitness Class suits your needs the best if you’re aspiring to move well, be strong and lean. Your coach will provide you with the tools to reach new strength levels and push yourself beyond what you thought was achievable.


Personal Training

If you’re looking to fine tune your sport capabilities this is special added option just for you. Whether your working on lateral shuffles, our your favorite lifts, these workouts include a greater degree of intensity and complexity. It is a competitive, next level strength and conditioning option that offers: Gymnastics, Olympic-lifting, Power-lifting, Plyometrics, Sprinting, etc. This is a 2hr block period in which every individual can work at their own pace and specific goals while being overseen by a coach

Small Group Private Training

personal training

If you are looking to get ready for a specific event, competition, or just improve your overall health, this program is for you. The most effective way for one to train is to have every facet of their programming created for them. This program is tailored to each clients personal goals, health, lifestyle and individual needs.



This class is designed to get you in and out in 45 minutes.
Hyspyn is for all fitness levels and includes combinations of biking (via-air assault), rowing, running, ski-erg, and midline isolations. From intervals to longer durations this program suits those best whose goal is to burn those calories, while simultaneously increasing your aerobic capacity. If requested, this program may include a technologic integrated heart rate monitoring system that allows clients to read their personal pace on the big screen.

Open Gym

TRAIN ADAPT Weights & Weightroom

Can’t make scheduled group sessions? No problem! With this option you may come in and train at your discretion, with a coach on site of course. Here you have the option to catch up on a WOD or fluff and puff your muscles. Our facility offers a separate weight room floor with all the tools you need.

Youth Development Program (YDP)


The Youth Development Program is designed specifically for the development of proper movement patterns from the ages of 8-12 and 13-17. It is focused on building overall power, speed and athleticism.  Proper guidance and training during these years can drastically increase an athlete’s potential as well as serve as a great injury prevention tool. Young athletes who are taught proper movement patterns at a young age will always fall back to these patterns due to familiarity and muscle memory.  This will allow the athlete a longer and healthier career. Contact us for more information or to Get Started!