ADAPT stands for Athletic Development & Performance Training. Whether you’re an amateur athlete playing sports for fun or a business professional looking to get in shape, everyone can be a trained athlete. ADAPT will improve your athletic performance by incorporating all facets of strength and conditioning. We work to develop athletes through proper assessment and exercise correction. We have an obligation to our members to provide a safe, unique and respected fitness resource for our community.

Our mission is to constantly challenge and guide our clients to achieve their highest level of fitness through a memorable training experience!


If you are looking to get ready for a specific event, competition, or just improve your overall health, this one-on-one program is for you. The most effective way for one to train is to have every facet of their programming created for them. This program is tailored to each client’s personal goals, health, lifestyle and individual needs.

Our semi-private training is catered to individuals with similar fitness objectives. The group sizes range from 2-5 people and it’s designed for those who enjoy the motivation of group training with the individualization of personal training.

These workouts are designed to promote and enhance your health and fitness. During a “Fitness” workout, participants are exposed to a wide variety of movements with a focus on proper mechanics and movement patterns. The “Fitness” workouts are great from beginners to veterans since they focus on movement quality prior to intensity. These workouts may also be scaled-up to suit each individual need, transforming each workout of the day into one of less or more intensity.  Our Group training suits your needs the best if you’re aspiring to move well, be strong and lean. Your coach will provide you with the tools to reach new strength levels and push yourself beyond what you thought was achievable.

The Youth Development Program is designed specifically for the development of proper movement patterns from the ages of 8-12 and 13-17.

It is focused on building overall power, speed and athleticism.  Proper guidance and training during these years can drastically increase an athlete’s potential as well as serve as a great injury prevention tool. Young athletes who are taught proper movement patterns at a young age will always fall back to these patterns due to familiarity and muscle memory.  This will allow the athlete a longer and healthier career.

Torch was created for the HIIT enthusiast. This is a non technical class with an “Everyone can do it” mindset.
 A high tempo aerobic base program mixed with  body weight, functional movements, punching bags and a variety of sports related movements.
 Whether you have a greek god/godess DNA or not this is for everyone. Come-in, TORCH those calories, and get out in 35 minutes.
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