Never Stop Learning

After years of training it is common ground for trainers to have a routine set or feel that we know everything. This couldn’t be further from the truth or worse for our clients’. Continuing education is key for every trainer or coach. We are only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to human performance. Everyday something new is being learned or disproved and we as trainers need to stay on top of the times. This is why at ADAPT we constantly try to participate in new courses, seminars, or other forms of continuing education.

Recently I completed my CSAC, Certified Speed and Agility Coach certification. This course was over 40 hours of lecture, demos, and quizzes that really emphasized proper biomechanics and drill progression for SAQ. (Speed, Agility, and Quickness) As in many courses there are many things you may already know, have seen, or even are currently doing with your clients. However, hitting the refresh button is always needed. I was reminded of many drills that I have used prior but wasn’t currently using now. It is easy to get caught in the flow of the program or similar drills which is why we need to hit a refresh button every once in a while.

This course did exactly that for me. It taught me many new things, but the biggest takeaway for me was sticking to the basics that I had learned long ago. Emphasizing the details of the basic movement patterns until they are hardened like concrete into that athletes movement pattern. Once this was completed than we can progress into the flashy and exciting elements of training that is common portrayed in social media everywhere.

After completing the course I was extremely motivated and began to create ADAPT’s own SAQ handbook to use as our teams prescription SAQ training.

Written by Scott Grondin

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