CHAINWORK Physiotherapy!
Chainwork is ADAPT’s partner and official physiotherapy provider.
Prioritizing musculoskeletal resilience and durability, to empower the body to sustain and optimize movement.

Our experience allows us to offer a wide range of services to our patients. We mix traditional, proven techniques with cutting edge theory and technology to provide an unmatched level of care.

Physical Therapy

Hands-on soft tissue mobilization techniques and joint manipulation provided by licensed physical therapists

Massage Therapy

Offering many different massage techniques by licensed massage therapists, such as:

  • Thai Massage
  • Sport
  • Deep tissue
  • And many more!

Stretch Therapy

Therapy session focusing on stretching/lengthening tight and shortened muscles.


12 wk Post-Op Program – $2500 – 36 sessions ($62.50/session)
  • 3 months CW subscription – $150 (WAIVED)
  • 3x/wk Physio (36 sessions)
  • $49 MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION after completion of program
  • A La Carte Add-On Options: $62.50 each
    • Training (60 min)
    • Massage (30min)
    • Stretch (30 min)
    • Chiro (30min)
    • Physio/Virtual
      • Injury/Pain Mgt
      • Soft Tissue/Fascia
      • Modalities
      • ROM (joint mob/manipulation)
      • Flexibility/Passive Stretching
      • Balance/Coordination
      • Postural Awareness