How much space will there be between members in a group class?

Due to a 9 member class capacity, you will be able to keep social distancing while working out in group classes. There will be markers that are 10ft away from one another and programing will align with keeping that distance throughout the class. 

Do I need to wear a mask while working out?

Yes, while inside the facility you WILL need to wear a mask, however, outside the facility you DO NOT need to wear a mask while working out.

We have extended our outdoor training spaces, for those who do not wish to wear a mask during their workout. 

Will staff members be wearing a mask?

Yes, all staff members will be wearing face coverings at all times while inside the facility. The only times staff members will have their masks removed is if they are working out in the outdoor training spaces. 

How do I check-in to the facility?

You will be required to download the “ADAPT Miami” app and set up your FREE account. Once your memberships are applied to your account you will then be able to reserve classes and check into the facility.

Will the courts be available to use?

The courts will be available for single-use, unless in the same household, no sharing equipment. 

What equipment/amenities will no longer be available?

  • Sauna
  • Cold plunge
  • Showers
  • Towels
  • Water fountain
  • Hair ties
  • Recovery lounge
  • Battle rope
  • Matts