Which Type of Water Should You Drink?

We all wonder how much water we should be drinking but do you ever think about which type of water you should be drinking? Does it really matter? Short answer is yes. We all know that water is important but do you know its function when it comes to regulating your hormones and organ functions? There is a whole science behind it.

I recently listened to episode 73 titled Hydration and Water Masterclass by Shawn Stevenson. During this episode, I have learned that water is responsible for transporting hormones, neurotransmitters, and is an integral part in the proper function of your central nervous system (your brain). A drop in hydration levels of just 5% causes a 25-30% drop in energy levels.

Your blood is 90% water.

Your blood is your body’s transport system of nutrients, to wastes, and to many other necessary bodily functions. According to research, 75% of people are chronically dehydrated. Not just dehydrated, chronically dehydrated. Oftentimes. People will mistake thirst cues from their hypothalamus for hunger; in other words, you’re eating when you are thirsty! Which may lead to eating excess calories and potentially dehydration. Simply adding high-quality water (glass bottled spring water for example) can fix so many aspects of your entire life upgrade your health. We all should be doing this.

Do you know how to take care of your hormones, thyroid, liver, insulin and how to ensure that they’re functioning optimally? All of these organs serves important functions when it comes to weight loss and fat loss. When you are under high stress, whether at home or at work, the organs are not functioning optimally and it can actually inhibit your ability to burn fat, regardless of your activity level or healthy eating habits.

We all have stress, we all deal with some sleep issues, and we all can improve. It all starts by making simple fixes such as adding high quality water to your life, practicing toxin reducing techniques through your food choices, developing morning routines, learning simple breathing techniques to manage stress, and many more. These might be the missing dimension in your fitness and health journey. Take time to focus on the details and optimizing the human body (before even thinking about what workout will burn more fat or what/when/how much should I eat). This should be THE top priority. By exploring different topics on the Model Health Show my outlook on health and fitness has changed drastically. Maybe it can help you.


Written by Audrey Banada


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