Youth Programs

ADAPT Kids (Ages 8-12)

ADAPT Kids is a fun and energetic fitness program that combines skill practice, workouts and games to build strength and conditioning for children ages 8-12. The program is designed specifically for the development of proper movement patterns. Young athletes who are taught proper movement patterns at an early age will always fall back to these patterns due to familiarity and muscle memory. This will prepare the athlete for a long and healthy career.

ADAPT Teens (Ages 12-17)

ADAPT Teens focuses on building overall power, speed, and athleticism for teenagers ages 12-17. The program works to build a stable foundation of athletic development in young athletes such as:

  • Correcting imbalances
  • Perfecting technique
  • Creating usable power specific to their sport.

Summer Programs

ADAPT facilitate many different summer programs for kids of all ages and focusing on all sports/intensity.