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Nutrition Assessment

6 Week Challenge

  • Speak 1:1 with our Accountability Team

  • Build obtainable goals

  • Receive practical tips and tools to reach your goals

  • Unlimited Group Classes
  • 3 Stretch Therapy Sessions
  • 3 Accountability Coaching Sessions
  • Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Services

Our Accountability Team

Meet our Accountability Team – your dedicated partners in nutrition success! Committed to your well-being, our experts work closely with you, providing guidance, motivation, and personalized strategies to ensure you stay on track with your nutrition goals.

Together, let’s turn aspirations into achievements!

Our Registered Dietian Rebeca

This is Rebeca Stevenson MS, RD, Chef. She loves food and the ability it has to create memories and help restore our bodies. Rebeca is dedicated to providing freedom from a restrictive mentality surrounding food. She believes you can eat all the delicious food you like (yes, including pizza!) and still reach your wellness goals.

In her free time, you’ll see her working out dancing salsa, and kayaking.


  • Registered Dietitian, Licensed Nutritionist
  • Certified Personal Trainer/Group fitness instructor
  • Certified Culinarian
  • International Society Sports Nutrition member

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Cooking w Rebeca