4 Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Habit 1. You think going on a diet will help you lose weight.

Crazy right? Diets are basically temporary measures you take to lose some unwanted pounds – and “temporary” is the keyword here. Instead of thinking “going on a diet”, think thorough what behaviors you can change and can sustain long term

Habit 2. Eating while watching TV or scrolling through your phone.

Consider limiting your screen time during mealtimes and actually focus on the taste and flavor of your food. Creating mindfulness around meals will not only allow you to be aware of your hunger and fullness but also enjoy conversations and strengthen your relationships with family and friends at mealtimes. 

Habit 3. You think having dessert is forbidden

Desserts won’t hurt your weight loss plan – in fact, they can help you achieve your goals. Of course, moderation is the key here. 

If you stick to a nothing-allowed diet, you’re actually more prone to overeating. Don’t think of sweets as of something “bad” and “forbidden.” If you know a piece of cake is available whenever you want, you can stop when you’re full.

Habit 4 Not fueling around your workouts. 

If you constantly feel you are underperforming, tired and aren’t motivated to work out, it could be you aren’t eating enough food around your workouts. Try adding a small carbohydrate rich meal before training and a high protein meal or snack after. You will not only feel your energy increase but see results from your training.  

– Rebeca Stevenson, MS, RD, Chef ,CPT