It’s official , great glutes benefit you more than just looking good in a pair of jeans. The gluteus maximus aka your booty is in conjunction with the medius and minimus that operate as a base of support for the pelvis and the hips. So, when the glutes are weak the pelvis and the hips suffer because the quadriceps and hip flexor have to work harder to compensate . Strong glutes encourage hip movement which protects from over compensation of spinal movement by performing simple functional movements. These movements alone have the potential to cause strain and no one wants that right ? If you want to strengthen your glutes it’s important to prime the glutes while getting ready to workout to ensure proper activation of the muscle. To ensure healthy glutes , these are exercise routines you should try adding to your routine :


Cable pull through
Monster walks
Glute bridges
Kettelbell swing
Low bar back squat
Russian Deadlift
Good morning

For more information check out Coach Jonas aka “the booty guru” on our YouTube channel  for how to work your glutes !