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This position is responsible for providing training services to clients/members of our facility. Trainers/Coaches at ADAPT are responsible for articulating our methodology succinctly to our clients/members at all times while in the facility. They are to contribute to programming buildout and expand their knowledge in the industry through in-house training and external research.


The Membership Advisor’s main focus must always be on sales and making sure they are well informed of current pricing options. They are the first interaction that majority if not all members will make when they walk in or call in, with that being said they must be able to exhibit genuine conversation and connect with those whom they speak to. 



The Sanitation Specialist will be responsible for following facility maintenance procedures for all areas of our Studio A and Studio B facility. The Sanitation Specialist has daily contact with members, staff, prospects and other personnel and therefore is a key player on the facilities team. The Sanitation Specialist provides support, and is accountable for delivering on our commitments to our members.


The Sales Associate is responsible to push sales in all revenue streams within ADAPT. They are responsible to attend and help lead training for all staff to stay on top of proper terminology and up to date sales pushes.  This person must be enthusiastic and display strong interpersonal skills that will allow them the opportunity to develop positive relationships with coaches, children, and parents. A set, in-person schedule will be required as physical presence is important for this roll to be successful.



The Marketing Specialist is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing the company’s overall marketing strategy and plan in order to support and improve online presence and the overall marketing efforts. They strategically plan with key players at ADAPT, content that is necessary to capture for upcoming events, specials, or consistent social media postings on all platforms. This job also, entails 3 meetings a week, one administrative and Marketing meeting, one Team meeting, and one bi-weekly check-in with their supervisor. This job focuses on capturing the community that ADAPT has worked so hard on building and making sure we show the community through content all ADAPT has to offer. 

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