ADAPT Summer Olympics Day 2

Gearing up for ADAPT Summer Olympics Day 2 Tomorrow we will score you on events 3&4:Event #3 Standing Long JumpScore: Furthest Distance Event #4 Row 2kScore: Fastest TimeMeasuring Upper Body/Hinge Pulling Mechanics, Aerobic Capacity & Lactate Threshold See day 1 HERE

The 🗝️ Key to a Happy Life 

Here is the key to a happy life: BALANCE! Sleeping enough, healthy eating, exercising, having a meaningful work activity, and having good relationships, all contribute to happiness states. So, are you getting all of these in healthy doses?  Here’s a challenge for you: In the next 7 days, register how many of your daily 24 hours […]

Movement Monday – Build Resilient Hips

Hip mobility is crucial in performance and longevity in everyone. Though mobility is important, the control we have is just as crucial, if not more important. We can spend all our time working on our flexibility/mobility, but what’s the point if we don’t use it?? Here are a couple of drills that I have been […]

90-Min Meal Prep Hack

Did you know that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise? Here is our 90-min meal prep hack!


adapt training

The Core… 3 Simple Things We May Have Overlooked (786)717-7470 @trainadapt trainadapt.com 1. Breathing We cannot discuss the core without discussing breathing, as breathing is essential for life. As we breathe correctly, we can mitigate stress, strengthen our core, develop more muscle tone, and become more resilient to low back pain. We are one big […]

5 Productivity Killers You Might Not Be Aware Of

Train yourself to be fully present for one task at a time, Focusing your energy is key to burning through your to-do lists. Rather than trying to finish multiple things at a time when you have competing demands, focus on one task instead;  try to get it to a good place and move on to […]