CHAINWORK Accepts Medicare!

Get back to your quality of life with help from Chainwork in North Miami. A physical rehabilitation facility, Chainwork prioritizes musculoskeletal resilience and durability, empowering the body to sustain and optimize movement.

Chainwork mixes traditional, proven techniques with cutting-edge theory and technology which creates a wide range of services for patients.  Chainwork is located in the space adjacent to ADAPT. Both facilities are in the same building and share some of the same common spaces meaning clients have easy access to therapy, recovery, fitness, and other services.

Some of their traditional services include stretch therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic, and physical therapy. Some of their more cutting-edge services include:

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)

Cuff-assisted muscle training used to prevent venous return while maintaining arterial outflow via low-load training


Decompression used to alleviate pain associated with myofascial adhesions and soft tissue restrictions

Normatec Recovery System

Minimize post-workout soreness with sequential compression sleeves for upper and lower extremities


Cold compression system to control inflammation and soreness

Compex Electrical Stimulation

Sensory nerve stimulation (TENS), motor nerve stimulation, neuromuscular re-education (NMES)

Chainwork also offers recovery services including a recovery lounge, sauna, and cold plunge.

Book your appointment today and make sure to mention your Medicare coverage while making the appointment!

Check out Chainwork at ADAPT 14901 NE 20th Avenue in North Miami or online at chainworkphysio.com.