By: Peter Beitia

In this time of uncertainty, a little can still do a lot. With a few low-cost recommended pieces of equipment OR just your bodyweight, you can still train intelligently and purposefully instead of throwing random workouts together. Dive into daily action that supports your physical, mental, and emotional health with ADAPT @ HOME. Stay connected to nourishing your body and mind. Take control and PERSIST.

If you can’t make it to the gym to pick up equipment not to worry, here’s a list of minimal equipment we recommend:

***Note: Prices may fluctuate but will give you a ballpark and can be purchased for less than $150 apart from weights.

Mini Band set – $11

Jump stretch band #1 (light) – $13

Pull up bar – $29

Sliders – $9

Glute Loop – $11

Wood Plyo box, 3 heights in 1 – $45

Stability Ball – $20

Jump Rope – our favorite is the RPM Session which you can get for $55 and up. If this is out of your price range try this one (let us know if you like it).

Dumbbells – Amazon Basics start at $37 for a 35#. You can also get coated hex from CAP Barbell for a little more. You will need two of moderate weight for you for our upcoming free program.

Kettlebell – powder coat starts at $47 for a 35# or check out Kettlebell Kings for a great selection and free shipping! Choose a single KB of moderate weight for you for our program.

No, we shouldn’t expect ourselves to “perform” at home the same way we were in the gym just days ago. The circumstances are different, both in our setups and in ourselves.

And yet, there’s a difference between grasping for a way – any way – to move your body just for today and setting foot on a forward path. A path that allows you to feel small and steady growth; whether that’s a bit more control in your movement, a bit more strength and stability, or a consistent practice that keeps you healthy at a time when that’s more important than ever.

ADAPT @ HOME is my path for growth in any situation. The progressive designs, from simple to complex, let you start anywhere – with only your bodyweight, or a few simple items – and grow from there.

Our program includes a minimal equipment track using the low-cost items list mentioned above, as well as a bodyweight-only track exercise. As the access to gyms returns, the program will evolve to include more equipment. For now, it’s easy to do from anywhere.

Remember we can’t control what happens outside, but we can take hold of our daily movement and nourishment, as well as our outlook on life. Join us and Persist.