Have you listened to motivational speakers? Have you ever felt the energy they transmit directly to your soul? That energy makes you want to go and grab the Earth with one hand right? That type of motivation lasts for a few minutes after your listen to it and then it is gone. That is not what you need to commit to goal. Health related goals might be hard to accomplish but they are also very rewarding. How great would it be to actually lose all that stubborn fat or to be able to do 5 strict pull-ups right? If you are lacking motivation and commitment the first thing you must do is to set SMART goals:

If your goal is “I am going to lose weight” that is not specific enough. Even if you are more specific such as: “I am going to lose 20lb in 1 month” that is not realistic so it would be almost impossible to achieve it. A SMART goal would look like: “I am going to loose 5lb in 3 months by weighing myself every month, eating healthy (specify how your diet is going to look like), and I am going to exercise weekly (specify how many times per week and for how long) all this to be able to play with my kids for long hours”.

Just remember: be specific, measurable, reasonable attainable, and set a time frame for your goals. Once you set your SMART goal lets make a plan together! Ask our ADAPT coaches for more information about how to plan accordingly.



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