Never Waste Another Warm Up: Do THIS Instead (Phase / Part 6)

Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

Phase 1: Target Soft Tissue Work

Phase 2: Bi-Phasic Positional Stretching

Phase 3: Corrective Exercise

Phase 4: Muscle And Pattern Activation

Phase 5: Foundational Movement Pattern Development

Let’s finish off strong with…

Phase 6: Central Nervous System Potentiation

You’re almost ready. After spending some thoughtful practice on your foundational movement pattern of the day, it’s time to cut fluff and focus on being an explosive and powerful athlete, with some central nervous system (CNS) stimulation.

There are only a few tried-and-true ways to potentiate the CNS to optimize power and strength. The first is maximum loading, which isn’t an ideal fit for the warm-up. But the second, high-velocity-based movements, are the perfect fit for this pre-training preparation phase.

Here are some options:

* Lower body: Jumps or brief sprints

* Upper body: Medicine ball throws or slams

* Total body: Seal jacks or rotational medicine ball tosses

Similar to the foundational movement pattern prescription from the previous phase, look to match the type of CNS work with the big movement of the day. For squat-based movement days, pick a vertical jump for this phase. For a deadlift (hinge-based) day, a broad jump or bound fits well. Press or back day? Medicine ball presses or slams are ideal. You can also implement neural primer supersets by combining jacks with jumps or throws, for the ultimate CNS priming response.

For CNS priming, it’s crucial to dial back the total volume of work to avoid pre-fatigue of the CNS and peaking too soon before you get to use what you’ve worked so hard for! Stick to 2-3 sets of 2-5 reps of any of these methods, and no more than 15 total reps.

Get In, WARM UP, Get To Training!

And then what? Go lift—and be surprised at how much better and stronger your training session feels!

Yours for greater strength,

– Peter (Head of Personal Training at ADAPT)