ADAPT Membership

$75 per month


ADAPT Membership

$59 per month



What's included in a membership

An ADAPT membership gives you full access to:

  • Functional floor
  • Courts (Basketball, Volleyball & Soccer)
  • Recovery lounge
  • Spa (cold plunge & sauna)
  • 15% off all Chainwork Therapy Services.

How do I reserve a class spot?

 1st – Download the “ADAPT Miami” app

2nd – Create your account

3rd – In the menu list, go to the “Buy” tab if you need to purchase an ADAPT Membership and/or class plan. If not skip to the next step. 

4th – In the menu list, go to the “Group Class” tab and find the class time you would like to reserve. 

5th – Once in the class time you would like to reserve click the “book class” button and you should see a “Success” alert box pop on the screen.

ALL SET! Make sure to cancel your reservations in order to not be charged a $10 no-show fee. 

How much is a day pass?

You can either buy one of our many ADAPT shirts that range from $20-$30 or pay for a drop-in fee:

  • Full facility use (minus group classes) $30
  • Group class only drop-in $25
  • One Week Trial $19 (Locals only)

Are there any new member promotions?

We have a $19, 1-week full facility-use special.

This is a great way to try out our group classes and use the rest of the facility at your own time. If you decide to join our ADAPT family after this 1-week trial the $19 will go toward your first month’s payment. 

More specials found here!

How do I check-in?

On the “ADAPT Miami” app you can pull up your ID card to scan once arrived at the facility.


On your first day at the facility, a staff member can get you setup with a key tag that you can use to check-in. 

Your choice!