Specialty Programs


What is 40/20?
It is a cohesive blend of the most cutting edge training and technique methodologies targeting specific sporting endeavors. By focusing 40 minutes on fitness (without the ball) and 20 minutes on technique (with ball) players are exposed to a new level of knowledge and are able to implement new techniques on the playing field. 


ASAP (ADAPT Speed & Athletic Performance Training)

Summer Strength and Conditioning Program
This program is targeted toward youth athletes and adults looking to advance their speed and agility.
ASAP Focuses on
1. Speed Mechanics and Strength
2. Acceleration & Top End Speed
3. Dynamic (Multi-Directional) Speed
For more information, give us a call at 786-717-7470 or email info@trainadapt.com

ADAPT Kids (Ages 8-12)

ADAPT Kids is a fun and energetic fitness program that combines skill practice, workouts and games to build strength and conditioning for children ages 8-12. The program is designed specifically for the development of proper movement patterns. Young athletes who are taught proper movement patterns at an early age will always fall back to these patterns due to familiarity and muscle memory. This will prepare the athlete for a long and healthy career.


YDP (Ages 12-17)

YDP stands for Youth Development Program. Here teens focuses on building overall power, speed, and athleticism for teenagers ages 12-17. The program works to build a stable foundation of athletic development in young athletes such as:

  • Correcting imbalances
  • Perfecting technique
  • Creating usable power specific to their sport.

Golf Athlete Habitat (GAH)

What is GAH?
It’s a functional Golf program to help you improve your overall game through optimization training. Along with training tips, warm-ups, educational videos, and monthly newsletters we will bring everything golf-related to the Golf enthusiast.

indoor courts

Space Rental

We have a full sized court in our facility that can be used for basketball, volleyball, pickleball, and even dodgeball rentals! Whether you’re looking to play a pick up game with your friends or rent out for an event/clinic, let us be your choice! 

Corporate Wellness Program

This program is designed to improve our client’s health and performance utilizing tailored methods that are designed to meet a vast range of personal goals and ability levels. Benefit from a custom comprehensive wellness strategy/solution (Generate more revenue, expand brand awareness) while helping your team achieve their optimal level of wellness.

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