Are you suffering from knee pain? We can help you get rid of it!

Knee pain is common in both active and non-active people. It is a consequence of all the stressors your joints are subject to as you age. These are just three ways that can help you get some relief:

1. Weight Management: carrying around extra pounds will increase the weight-bearing pressure on your knees, causing   inflammation. There are three things you can do to drop weight by loosing fat: eat real food and avoid processed foods; eat enough to satisfy and fuel your body; increase your muscle mass.

2. Modify your exercise routine: there are many ways to stay active while placing less stress on your knees. You might want to row instead of run, or do step-ups instead of box jumps.

3. Retrain your gait and build your core: certain habits, like walking while you carry a baby on your side, sitting for too long, or having bad posture due to a weak core, may also be stressing your knees. As a member of ADAPT, our dynamic warm ups are tailored to correct and retrain your movement patterns.


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