By: Peter Beitia

Because let’s cut the shit and call it like it is…

We’ve NEVER been more stressed out than TODAY. It’s brutal out there!

I’m no different, and neither are you!

Many of you have full-sized families all at home quarantined for months now, many of our businesses put on hold, and the inability to leave our houses. Yeap, safe to say…STRESSED.

There’s no shame in it – having your stress amplified in times like this is NORMAL, but not being able to proactively combat these stressors is NOT.

Before we jump into WHAT to do to mitigate stress, let’s start off with a little addition by subtraction in your training, lifestyle, and habits.

Here’s a shortlist of what NOT to do:

  • Have your eyes locked on the news ALL day
  • Discount the importance of SLEEP since you’re at home
  • Go overboard on your DIET, strictly counting calories in and out
  • TRAINING yourself into the ground as punishment

Let’s not forget about the power of continuing your self-care at a time where we truly need it.

You know those things that made you feel GREAT? Those should be at the TOP of your priority list (along with staying safe and sane) during your new “normal” day in isolation.

A few things that have really helped me during this time (that truthfully I was doing BEFORE, but doing MUCH more now):

  • Daily walks of 10+ minutes OUTSIDE
  • Deep BREATHING and meditation morning, noon and night
  • READING for a minimum of 10 minutes per day
  • UNPLUGGING earlier at night (as hard as that can be)

These are all simple lifestyle tips, but what about TRAINING? Clearly you’re here because you are really into this shit, and YES this is still important.

Training had to be a little different now, especially if you’re facing facility or equipment limitations compounding with the STRESS talked about above.

Now more than ever, training should be a TOOL to make your life better.

For many of my clients whoa re also challenges with the trials of today, here are some simple modifications I’ve made on their training programs:


To that last point, the key here during our time in isolation is MAINTENANCE. Not only of training but of the physique, movement patterns, and MENTALITY.

But we can only gain or maintain from a stimulus that you’re able to recover from. That’s where the FREQUENCY thing comes in.

Results matter, however, will not be achieved if you aren’t at your best, this includes doing all you can in terms of recovery. So make sure you’re FEELING GOOD like you should.

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