1. Save Money

Lifestyle risk factors such as smoking, excessive drinking, poor diet, inactivity and excess body weight can contribute to time away from work. That loss in productivity due to obesity through absenteeism, attending work when sick and premature death is estimated to cost $6.4 billion a year.

ADAPT develops experiences for your team that promotes reduction in absenteeism and sick leave. Long term, these programs will improve the corporate image and attractiveness for talent acquisition and retention. Building continuity overtime will increase return on investment for training and development spends.

2. Make Money

It has been estimated that the healthiest employees are three times more productive at work than their colleagues.

ADAPT provides strategies to create an environment where each individual’s optimal wellness is considered, ultimately improving their work performance and productivity. When people feel good, and look good, they want to do better at everything.

3. Mission Accomplished

A company’s culture is carved out over time through staff morale, satisfaction and engagement. Capitalize on this reputation when acquiring and maintaining talent and community relationships.

ADAPT considers what is essential to business operation through fact finding/site visit/ to build a wellness strategy that will avert crises and enhance social perception. That information is used to develop practical and accessible wellness initiatives that offer a variety of experiences to meet the team’s needs.

4. Reduce Risk

Unhealthy living is a major cause of workplace absence, disruption, and injury. Be the change in your team members lives, that sparks the development of healthy habits on and off the job. 

ADAPT wellness solutions will help the company foster a safe and productive environment, allowing the profits to grow as the incidence of presenteeism and cost of workers’ compensation declines.