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Summer is near, get you hat while its hot!

Pre-orders have begun. Please see any of the coaches at the gym to place your order and pay in advance.

Results from HELP MIAMI DOGS, Inc Charity

We as a team raised $1,000 to help our furry friends in our community. Our biggest thanks and gratitude goes out to all those who were a part of such a wonderful event!


As part of your fitness, we provide you with more than just lifting weights and moving quickly. Improve these aspects of your fitness with body awareness, movement prep, and mobility. Yoga is available twice a month.

Next Yoga Session:

May 28st, 10am

Give Back

WORK OUT TO HELP OUT! ADAPT is having a special class on Sunday, April 30th at 10 AM to benefit Help Miami Dogs, Inc., a local rescue group focused on helping dogs in the North Miami, Little Haiti, Wynwood and Biscayne corridor areas.
The minimum suggested donation is $20 and all proceeds will go to help this amazing organization! Sweat. Save pups. See you there.

Dunk Tank

Whether to lose inches or make gains we all need a BASELINE. A point of reference is crucial for anyone that is starting any fitness or nutrition program. We will be hosting a hydrostatic (underwater) body composition reading Sunday, May 7th. To secure your time in the tank please schedule your time with one of our coaches.

Group Fitness Class

Hello ADAPT Family!

We are excited to announce 3 of our phases are complete CrossFit/ group fitness, sport performance, and weight room sections. There are more phases to come!  We’ve had many pass by to show support and help out.  We are truly humbled and we thank you for your support.  We are taking all the necessary steps to making this gym the best experience for everyone.  Come by and take a glance at the new gym in town.  Sign-ups are in full effect now.

*For information about paperless sign-ups email us at: