Welcome, Athletes! This month, we’re focusing on a fundamental and crucial exercise for anyone trying to take their athletic performance to the next level. Sprints. As straight to the point as can be, sprints are designed to enhance your speed. So running up to a maximum effort from point A to point B. Let’s dive […]

Medicine Ball Lateral Throw

Welcome athletes! This month, we’re diving into a dynamic exercise that can boost your athletic performance across the board. Say hello to Medicine Ball Lateral Throws, designed to enhance your power, agility, and core strength. Let’s jump right in and explore the benefits and training methods for this game-changing exercise. What are Medicine Ball Lateral […]

Pogo Hops

Welcome back, athletes! This months drill is great for all our youth athletes and can make an impact on overall athletic performance and sport. Time to get bouncy and find your inner bunny, gazelle, kangaroo, you name it because this month we introduce you to pogo hops. Pogo hops are a game changer for athletes […]

Unleashing Potential: A Dive into Our Youth Programs

At our training facility, we believe in nurturing the potential of young athletes and individuals, fostering a passion for fitness, skill development, and overall well-being. Our commitment to the community is reflected in our three distinctive youth programs: ASAP (ADAPT Speed & Athletic Performance Training), ADAPT Kids, and the Youth Development Program (YDP). Each program is meticulously designed to address the unique needs of various […]

Unleash Your Speed and Power with Wall Running: April’s Drill of the Month

Welcome back, athletes! As we dive into April, it’s time to ramp up our training with a drill that promises to boost your acceleration and power output like never before. This month, we’re excited to introduce you to the dynamic and exhilarating world of wall running. Wall running isn’t just your typical drill; it’s a […]

Back to School Special – Unlimited Access on ALL Youth Programs!

As the summer days start to wind down, it’s time to gear up for the exciting back-to-school season! At ADAPT, we believe in nurturing the potential within every young athlete, and we’re thrilled to introduce our exclusive Back-to-School Special that will set your child up for success both on and off the field. Why Our […]

Our Youth Programs for Kids and Teens

Looking for a program that can help your child or teenager improve their overall power, speed, and athleticism in a specific sport? Look no further than our Youth Development Program (YDP). Our YDP is tailored to the specific sport your child or teenager is interested in, and is designed to help them reach their full […]

Give Miami Day 2022

support the adapt foundation

Here’s one simple way to make a difference today: Join us for Give Miami Day 2022 this THURSDAY, November 17, and give to support a child in your community! All donations will go to sponsoring youth development programs for kids & youth in the Miami area. A little bit about the ADAPT Foundation:The ADAPT Foundation […]

My Kids Pretty Good, Now What?

kids program basketball

It might be your son, it might be your daughter. It doesn’t really matter. In any case, you realize that you have a kid that has above-average ability. Coaches start to tell you that your child has potential. People start talking about special select teams and year-round dedication to one sport. The big question is, […]