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3 Simple Movements to Overcome Disc Herniation Pain 🤕

Lower back pain due to disc herniations, characterized by radiculitis or nerve pain traveling down one leg, requires a nuanced approach to physical therapy. Understanding the directional preferences for each individual—where movements like flexion (bending forward) or extension (leaning back) may alleviate or exacerbate symptoms—is key to formulating an effective treatment plan. Let’s dive into […]

Unleash Your Speed and Power with Wall Running: April’s Drill of the Month

Welcome back, athletes! As we dive into April, it’s time to ramp up our training with a drill that promises to boost your acceleration and power output like never before. This month, we’re excited to introduce you to the dynamic and exhilarating world of wall running. Wall running isn’t just your typical drill; it’s a […]

Movement Monday Cable Machine Technique

Don’t be this guy on the cable machine! Heavier weight is not always better. Lighter, manageable weight + proper posture & mechanics will get you a lot further in your workout, not to mention reduce the risk of injury! Try this cable pull technique out during your next workout and enjoy a pain-free path to […]

GOATA Tip for Mini Band Lateral walks

Happy Monday! Time to ADAPT our movements to feel better! Here’s a GOATA Tip for Mini Band Lateral walks. Some of you might be wondering what GOATA is? GOATA = ACTIONS of the GREATEST OF ALL TIME ATHLETES. Adjusting your movement like Jose has done here will help you get a better, safer workout in. […]

Movement Monday – Prone Hamstring Curl Tip

Ever seen one of these machines in the gym and wondered how to use it? Well, here’s a tip for the pro’s and the newbies: adjust your posture while doing a prone hamstring curl to get a better workout and avoid injury! Tip brought to you by Coach Will Valdes

Movement Monday – Landmine Squat

Today’s movement: Landmine Squat – Squatting off your heels recodes you for jumping, forward locomotion and limiting spinal compression compared to back squat. Try this #FUNctional movement today!

Movement Monday – Glute Bridge

Add this glute bridge movement to your workout today! Glute bridges strengthen glutes and core to help keep your posture upright whether you’re standing or sitting throughout the day! So give these a try and comment 🍑 below if you liked them!