3 Simple Movements to Overcome Disc Herniation Pain 🤕

Lower back pain due to disc herniations, characterized by radiculitis or nerve pain traveling down one leg, requires a nuanced approach to physical therapy. Understanding the directional preferences for each individual—where movements like flexion (bending forward) or extension (leaning back) may alleviate or exacerbate symptoms—is key to formulating an effective treatment plan. Let’s dive into […]

10 Things to Understand Lower Back Pain🤔

Back pain is a pervasive issue, affecting a significant portion of the population at some point in their lives. It can be not only a physical burden but also a source of significant stress and anxiety, especially when it becomes chronic. However, many commonly held beliefs about back pain are based on misconceptions, leading to […]

Are you tired of that knee pain?! Here are 4 things to do about it🏃

When it comes to New year resolutions most people after the first month fall off.  By some estimates, as many as 80% of people fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions by February. Only 8% of people stick with them the entire year. I understand that life can get complicated. Sometimes things happen, like sustaining […]

7 Fitness Tips for Staying Motivated

adapt fitness tips

Have you ever started a new routine, program, or diet and then quit? If you answered yes to this question, you are not alone! Here are 7 tips to help you stay motivated. 1. Set goals Set simple, realistic, and achievable goals and then progress to longer-range goals. It’s easy to give up if your […]

Wellness in the workplace, what it can do for you.


1. Save Money Lifestyle risk factors such as smoking, excessive drinking, poor diet, inactivity and excess body weight can contribute to time away from work. That loss in productivity due to obesity through absenteeism, attending work when sick and premature death is estimated to cost $6.4 billion a year. ADAPT develops experiences for your team […]

Create Your Own Fun and Easy Halloween Treats!

healthy halloween treats

Looking for a way to make some cute, fun, and easy Halloween treats?! Look no further!! What’s on the menu? Ghost bananas with chocolate chip eyes and tangerine pumpkins with celery stems! Easily made and thoroughly enjoyed!! And there’s more! Participating in The Haunting of ADAPT? Making these snacks will count as coming to a […]