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Benefits of Using a Sauna

Here are some reasons why you should start using our sauna 🧖‍♀️ – 48% reduction in ability of stroke – 52% reduction of heart disease – Radical changes in blood pressure *ALL memberships at ADAPT have access to our sauna!*

Free Wellness Seminar – Lower Body Reset

adapt free wellness seminar

Sick of being sore? We are too. That’s why we’re hosting a free Wellness Seminar this Saturday: Lower Body Reset. This seminar will teach basic biomechanics of the lower body. The goal is to teach people how to counteract common lower body issues like but not limited to: knee, ankle, foot, hip, and lower back […]

Movement Monday for Foot and Ankle Pain

Are you experiencing foot or ankle pain? Try these exercises from our Movement Practitioner Will 👉️ A note from him… most running injuries that I come in contact with are usually part of two camps: Loading – not strong enough Volume – too much too soon We should develop as much of a buffer of […]

Maintaining your Ferrari!

Often times when speaking to individuals, I come to notice they do not truly understand the benefits of massage therapy incorporation as a part of a balanced training regimen. Most often, they see the modality as a luxury rather than necessity, and engage in it seldom, if at all. It is then I offer two […]